3 Social Media Tips for the Entrepreneur

Social Media Tips

Do you own your own business? Are you clueless about Social Media? Maybe you have a clue, but things just aren’t lining up for you and you don’t seem to be getting anything out of social media for your business.



People depend on Social Media for everything!

Social media is “all the rage” nowadays as I mentioned in my post about tips for Social Media Etiquette. There is so much use for social media that people have started to depend on it for EVERYTHING! For example, I saw a post the other day with someone holding up a sign looking for their real parents and they would love the share so that they could finally meet them. If that’s not dependence on social media, I don’t know what is.

So what does Social Media have to do with your business?

As a business owner, it is important that you gain exposure in order to gain customers or clients. If people are on Facebook or Twitter every single day almost all the time, what better way to gain exposure than being where everyone else is at? Making connections with customers and clients on a personal level is important for creating lasting relationships. Creating relationships is important in any business, because that is where true growth comes from.

I have been managing a social media profile way before I knew that it was called “social media”. I started with Myspace, MSN messenger, and Facebook. It has rocketed since then, because I am a social media guru! I love it! I can’t get enough. I love seeing everyone’s opinions and their thoughts. I love taking the time to communicate with others,( because I don’t have a life outside of my home. True story. )

Since I’ve started my business, I’ve started noticing ways to use it to benefit my business. I love how much growth I’ve seen with my business through social media and I’d like to share them with you!

My Top 3 Social Media Management Tips for Entrepreneurs:

  1. No spamming!

    It’s so frustrating scrolling through my daily newsfeed and seeing the same post over and over. It looks like what everyone else is posting! If you’re posting about the same thing for your business over and over on your personal newsfeed, people will get so tired of it and eventually stop following you. So spruce it up a little!

    You can post about the same thing using different words or images. It’s possible! You just have to use that thing that God gave us called “creativity”! If you don’t have that ability, find someone who does and ask them to help out!

    This is where a Facebook Page, separate business account, or business group comes into play. If you’re afraid that you’re spamming your personal newsfeed on Facebook, create a different account, create a particular Facebook page, or create a group just for your business! I have my own business page and I love it. I get most of my blog traffic from that page.

  2. Communicate with your audience.

    What good would social media be without the key word, “social”. It’s important that you be social, even as a business owner! It will not only attract others to you, but it will make them want to stay with you. Find out what you can do to best suit their needs and be polite. Ask people questions about themselves and leave them with something to think about. Even if they don’t buy from you or become your client, at least you will have planted a seed that can only grow through your interaction with them.

    Do follow ups with people that have shown interest in your business before, send out thank you messages or post a thank you post on their page. Take the time out of your day to have a conversation with a connection, and build build build those relationships! Host an event or #hashtag chat to group everyone together and learn more about them. The more you learn about your audience, the more interaction you will receive and the more you will find out what kind of content to create to draw in more sales, clients, or business opportunities.

  3. Give unto others what you’d like to receive.

    This goes right along with #2. The more you interact with others, the more they’ll interact with you.

    My favorite connections are with those that are entrepreneurs as well. They have the same mindset and they understand how important supporting each other is. This world is tough. Everyone out there is trying to make it! If you look at other entrepreneurs as business partners (even if they aren’t in the same niche as you), instead of competition… then maybe you’d be more willing to give more support and in return, GAIN more support.

    There are groups, pages, #hashtag chats, pods, boards, and forums that are full of like minded individuals that are just waiting to support you and that are needing your support. Don’t hold back, because you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to grow.

Through these tips, I hope that you learned some valuable information. If you have any tips of your own to share, please do in the comments below! I’d love to hear them!

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Also, I’ll share one of my favorite social media management tool suggestions! You don’t want to miss out on THAT, because this social media tool has been a LIFESAVER!


As always, thank you for reading another piece of my heart. May God Bless you and all that you endeavor!



  1. Tee | 7th Mar 17

    Good tips. And I agree with all 3 of them. Thanks for sharing.

    • Virtuous Mama | 7th Mar 17

      Thank you! I’m glad that you agree. 🙂

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