3 Women God used in the Bible


Today is International Women’s Day!

Since I am a woman, I’m flattered by this. This is a day set aside that women are to be recognized for being such bosses! I am my own boss woman and I love being who I am! I love inspiring, empowering, and helping other women as well.

I have some wonderful women influences in my life. My mom, Grannie, both mother in laws, and sister in laws, church family and friends. Also, some wonderful women that I’ve met through networking and having the opportunity to work with. These women are all important to me, but I feel like the most important influences that all women can have are those that are given to us in God’s word.

There are more than you may think there are.

Growing up, you probably only heard about the courageous men of the Bible. Like David who fought the giant, Daniel who was in the lion’s den, or Samson who killed 1,000 men with the jawbone of a donkey. Very seldom, would you hear about a woman doing something just as courageous.

Why is that?

I have no idea.

Maybe we just looked over those stories that focus on the women influences.
I wanted to share with you three of my favorite Biblical influences of the Bible.

So let’s take a look at those 3 women in the Bible:

  • Deborah

    If you’ve heard about her, then you know that she’s definitely a powerful influence! In the book of Judges, you will find that Deborah was a JUDGE! A prophetess.
    She had the commandment by God to share with the leader of an army, Barak, some directions to win the battle they were about to fight. Barak wouldn’t take action unless Deborah was by his side. She reluctantly went with Barak and they won the battle of Sisera together! This is a great example of how woman and man can partner up and conquer TOGETHER!

    Barak tried to get Deborah to lead the battle herself, but she knew that the battle wasn’t to be won under a woman’s leadership. It was meant to be won under a man’s leadership. She obeyed God’s command and didn’t step up to lead, she teamed up with the leader and they made victory together.

    This reminds me of what it’s like to be married. The man is supposed to be the leader of the household, the woman isn’t supposed to try to take over the man’s position, and they are supposed to conquer TOGETHER! Not worrying about gender equality.

    God used Deborah to be this influence because she was the only one uniquely created to do so.

  • Esther

    My earliest memory of this story is the Veggie Tales version. I remember watching the veggies acting this story out and laughing at the little peas that got sent to the “Island of Perpetual Tickling”.

    As I’ve grown older, I’ve looked more into this beautiful story. Esther has her own book of the Bible, by the way!

    Esther started out as a girl with a different name: Hadassah. Esther was the name given to her by her uncle to help cover up her true identity as a Jew. Her uncle gave it to her when King Xerxes declared for all the single ladies (*don’t you dare start singing Beyonce, focus on Esther) to come to the palace to “audition” to become Queen. Jews were persecuted a lot at this time and if they found out that Esther was a Jew, she could’ve possibly been killed. So her uncle, Mordecai, thought that a different name would help them from finding out.

    Esther didn’t want to go, but she went anyway. She didn’t value being rich or being a high influence like all of those other women that ran towards the opportunity. She was humble, graceful, and wise. Of course, that made her beauty even more radiant and she shined out all of the other ladies.

    Of course, the King picked her to become Queen.

    Some issues came up with the King’s right hand man, Haman. Haman was creating a plan to get rid of all the Jews, because he became jealous of Mordecai’s recognition by the King. So Haman tricked the King into a plan to get rid of the Jews (Haman knew that Mordecai was a Jew, but the King didn’t).

    Word of this got to Esther and she became devastated! Here she was Queen and her bloodline was being persecuted and put to death just for being Jewish. That had to terrify her. What if the king found out that she was a Jew and decided to kill her?

    It took a few tries, but Esther finally expressed who she truly was to the King. She told him of Haman’s plans. Surprisingly, King Xerxes was astonished! How could someone kill his Queen’s people? Haman was hanged on the gallows meant for Mordecai. Ironic, huh?

    It took the strength and courage of Esther to follow along with God’s plan to become king, no matter how she felt about it. And then to save the Jewish race in the kingdom of Xerxes.  God used her because she was the only one that he created for that particular job.


  • Mary, mother of Jesus

    This one brought tears to my eyes as I thought about her role in God’s plan.
    God gave this woman the gift of carrying His only son, birthing His only son, and nurturing His only son. I think about my sons and how much I love them. I couldn’t imagine the different types of love that Mary had for Jesus. He was not only her son, but he was her Savior.

    Every time I think of Mary and her important role in God’s plan, I think of the song that we hear during Christmas time, “Mary Did You Know?” If you haven’t ever heard that song, check it out here!
    It had to have been tough. It had to have been heart breaking, yet I bet she was the proudest woman in the world. I’m sure she was humble about it, but it’s amazing how much strength and courage this woman had. God chose her specifically for a reason! She was the only woman built emotionally and physically to carry His only Son and take care of Him.

Each of these women have something in common. They all obeyed God’s command and they helped fulfill God’s plan through that obedience. God revealed to them that they were each uniquely, specifically, particularly, individually, created to do what it is that they did to fulfill that mysterious plan that God has.

Woman or Man, God loves us and you know what? He has a plan for you too! He knows everything about you and knows what’s best for you! Don’t hold back from Him and don’t block Him out. Be true to who you are and let God see your heart.

It may not be exactly like that other woman’s plan. It may not be exactly how you pictured it when you were little. But it’s there! Be the woman that God created you to be, just like Deborah, Esther, and Mary all were!

He created you to be who you are for a reason! He didn’t create you to be like me or like those other women that are flashing lights in Hollywood. He made you to be you. Don’t mock Him by trying to be anyone else!!

Here’s a song that inspired me:

Thank you for reading a piece of my heart! I hope God blesses you and all that you endeavor!


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