Change Your Pinterest Perspective for Bloggers + Entrepreneurs


Change your Pinterest Perspective

When you think of Pinterest, you probably think of that “other social media site” that people go to for recipes, DIY’s, ideas, and workouts that they will never really try. You probably don’t really pay attention to it as an entrepreneur or blogger, because it is just another thing to add to your “to do list”. You may feel like there isn’t much for you there.

Maybe you HAVE tried it and it just didn’t work out. There were some changes to the algorithm and you couldn’t keep up with them. It just turned into more of a hassle and you didn’t really gain anything from it.

Pinterest is a site that is upcoming as an excellent traffic source for blogs, websites, business pages, and more! There are so many different methods that you can use with Pinterest. Those methods will get you more pageviews, sales, and clients within a short time.

So how can we get that from Pinterest?

Change your Pinterest Perspective!

Pinterest isn't a social media site - It's a search engine! Click To Tweet

When you categorize Pinterest as another social media site, then you’re going about it all wrong. Social media is what you use to socialize with other people. Social Media a place for personal opinions and things that you want to share that’s personal. Pinterest isn’t that. It’s a place that people go to to find ideas and inspiration for things that they are taking on.

If you treat Pinterest like a search engine, as it really is, then you will start to see how to make the things that you pin get more repins or impressions. Through that, you will gain more followers and you will gain more pageviews, sales, and/or clients.

When viewing Pinterest as a search engine, you will start to be able to better analyze your profile, pins, boards, and your target audience.

What gets you higher ranks on a search engine?


Using keywords or keyword phrases throughout your profile (account name, bio, pin descriptions, and board names) will give you a higher rank when those keywords are searched in the search bar. When someone searches for that particular keyword or keyword phrase, your pins, boards, profile, will show up on their screen as a suggestion that was “picked for you”.

When someone searches for that keyword or keyword phrase on Pinterest, Pinterest remembers it and does this “picked for you” over and over again every time the person logs on. So if they search a keyword or keyword phrase that you use very often in your pins, boards, and profile, then Pinterest will eventually pick up your content and place it on that person’s feed.

Quality Content!

Pinterest has a preferred setting for their images. They have to be vertical images in order to be counted as high quality on Pinterest. The way that Pinterest is set up, vertical images work best. Also, having text on the image with helpful info about what’s in the article/post (post title or phrase relating to the article) is recommended. That way when people see it, they don’t have to read the description right away. They can just look at the image and see if it fits with their boards or not. If it does, it will get a faster repin. Score!

 Rich Pins!

 A thing called Rich Pins can get you higher ranking through Pinterest as a business account (change to business account, if you haven’t already). When you have rich pins, they will look better and have your website link underneath them as a way of promoting your brand. This is something that has to be set up through Pinterest and will give you a direct connection to Pinterest through your website. Click here to enable rich pins!

These are just a few methods that you can use to change your perspective on Pinterest! Do you have some tips that you’d like to share that would help others look at Pinterest differently?

If you would like more guidance on Pinterest or would be interested in having me give your Pinterest a makeover, fill out the form below with what you need help with and let’s get started!

Thank you for reading another piece of my heart!
May God Bless You and all that you endeavor!

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