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clean perspective dirty house

Clean Perspective with a Dirty House

If your house is like mine, then it’s always a mess. There is not one moment when my whole house is clean all at one time. Not one.

I feel like I have to pick a section of the house to be clean for a certain amount of time throughout the day, because I if my kitchen just got cleaned, I can walk into the living room and it’ll look like a bomb went off while trying not to step on legos:
“Okay, my boys will be in the living room for morning cartoons, so maybe the kitchen will stay clean for an hour. IF I clean it.” 

“Okay, the boys are about to take a nap. So if I clean up the living room and vacuum before they take a nap, maybe the living room will stay clean for at least twenty minutes while they’re napping.” (that’s assuming that they’re both going to take a nap… at the same time).

“Maybe I should just watch that show I recorded last night while they’re napping and clean while they’re playing with their daddy later so I can get that “me time” in…. HAHAHA! Yeah, like that’s going to happen. What was I thinking?”

Do you ever feel like you’re always cleaning up?

I know that I do! There’s always, always a mess to clean up SOMEWHERE. If it’s not in the bathroom (all over the toilet, in the toilet, overflowing out of the toilet to the floor, and smeared on the walls), then it’s in the carpet or stuck to the hardwood floor with that juice your toddler had fun spitting out of his mouth pretending to be a zebra (off of the movie Madagascar). Who knew a zebra would be such a bad influence??

If you enjoy cleaning up and organizing, GOOD FOR YOU! Come to my house, I need you!

If you get overwhelmed by disorganization and chaos, STAY AWAY! YOU WILL DIE here.

Don’t let a messy house get you down!
Here’s a way to clean up your perspective about your not so clean house:

  1. You spent time doing other things, more important things.
    Your kids are alive, breathing, and they’re happy. You were able to take care of them by being there with them and that means more to them than a clean house. The laundry is probably piled up on the couch or table. But your heart and your babies’ hearts are piled up with love and acceptance through time with each other rather than time with your laundry. Your laundry doesn’t love you…

  2. You aren’t perfect.
    And that’s okay. It’s okay not to be perfect. I know that we all have that “perfect housewife” scenario in our heads when we set out to be our best for our family. Sometimes, our best is BETTER than that “perfect housewife”. Our best is when we’re spreading joy and laughter throughout our home rather than frustration and bitterness through always demanding that something needs to stay clean, because you want to portray that perfection that you so desperately strive for. I struggle with this so much and I need. to. stop. Perfection is so overrated anyway. Let it go, Mama! (I’m saying this to myself, you know).
  3. You need a break or it will break you.
    So many people think that if they keep going and keep going that nothing will ever catch up to them. Well, I’m here to tell you: they’re wrong. You should never quit, I’m not saying you should. I’m saying that you should REST! Unwind! Charge that Energizer Bunny battery you’ve got going and going and going… that involves not cleaning. Take the time that you would normally use for washing those never ending dirty pots and pans and take a walk. Outside, down the road, in the park, or my favorite: to my bedroom to get into my dark chocolate stash. Taking a break is okay! That mess will be waiting for you when you pop that battery back in to get going again! Don’t worry! Taking care of yourself helps you better take care of others. You can’t fill other people’s cups with an empty cup. So take a seat and fill yours up!
  4. You have LIVED. LAUGHED. LOVED.
    All throughout my life, I’ve seen the phrase, “Live well. Laugh often. Love much.”
    It is the basics of how to spend your time. If you aren’t do these things, what will you be spending your time doing? CLEANING, for one! So if you haven’t been cleaning, then what have you been doing? LIVING, LAUGHING, LOVING! There. Simple as that.

There are people out there that are able to do these things and keep their house immaculate. I applaud you! But that doesn’t apply to my house. We’re a happy, messy, Jesus loving, video game playing, lazy weekend, popcorn kernels in our couch, dog hair in our clothes, type family.

At least we’re happy and love Jesus, right??

Lastly, I do enjoy having a neat house (whenever possible) , but if I’m going to choose my battles wisely… The battle of a clean house or the battle of a happy family with dirty carpet…?

Tune in next week:

Between my husband, my two boys, my two dogs, my work, and the neverending to do list… I do get overwhelmed sometimes. So be sure to tune in next week to read about ways to vent when becoming overwhelmed. I’d love to share with you my favorites.

I like saying my prayers with a side of dark chocolate and Dr. Pepper. Oh the joys of motherhood!

As always, thank you for reading a piece of my heart!

May God bless you and all that you endeavor!

Clean perspective dirty house

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