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My Top 3 Social Media Etiquette Tips

Does the thought of social media overwhelm you? Keeping up with day to day lives of others through technology has for sure become a thing now! And you might just be falling behind.

What exactly is social media?

Why have people gotten caught up in it?

And how can you better manage yours?

What exactly is social media?

According to Google:

so·cial me·di·a
noun: social media; plural noun: social medias
  1. websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

Social media is a way of communication through technology of applications, websites, and or creation of content. So why has it become so important?

Why have people gotten so caught up in social media?

Humans have a nature to be social. It’s programmed into our brains that we have to have communication with other people or we will feel what is called: loneliness. To avoid feeling lonely, it’s important for people to reach out to other people.

Back in the old days, the way of communication was through written letters (aka snail mail). No phones, no internet, no computers….

Could you imagine today’s generation waiting on letters in the mail from their friends? I personally, would LOVE to receive letters in the mail, because I love writing. But just thinking about today’s generation waiting by their mailbox or door for the mail to receive their letters to not feel so lonely is not only sad, but heartbreaking.

Because in all honesty, we couldn’t do it. Especially after having the taste of instant gratification by immediate communication from the telephone (yes, that is the correct word for your cellular device) or internet (which is now used for mostly social media).

What I’m trying to say is, people have gotten so caught up in social media, because they get instant gratification by immediate communication to not only their friends, but family, customers, haters, and celebrities.

Not only do people feel less lonely with social media, they’re able to be a version of themselves that they wouldn’t normally be anywhere else. They’re able to portray who exactly they want to be and people think that that’s exactly who they are, because that’s what they choose to show everyone. That’s where “catfishing” comes into play, but we aren’t going to go there today.

I try to not post anything negative on my social media, but that sure doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything negative in my life. There’s people that only post negative things, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything positive going on in their life.

People take social media so literally that they don’t know how to use it for good.

These tips that I’m going to share today are GENERAL social media tips. You can use them for your personal profiles or even your business profiles. But by all means, please use them!

1. Keep your dirty laundry to yourself OR find the right place to air it out!

When I scroll through my Facebook feed, I can see posts from people that are begging for attention. I’m not talking about those working their businesses. I’m talking about those that have just broken up with their significant others or found out that that person was cheating on them, maybe their family isn’t paying them any attention or they’re being neglected. I see people tagging people and calling names out, saying hateful things.

I get it. You’re not happy. And that’s human.

Instead of putting that into a status for your personal newsfeed, though, find a closed facebook group that specializes in listening to your drama, and vent there. You may not get the satisfaction of tearing that person that hurt you down…. BUT you will get the satisfaction of getting it off of your chest, having other people read what you’re going through that are possibly going through the same thing, and possible responses that would be constructed from an outsider’s perspective. (Contact me if you need help finding particular groups, I’ll be more than happy to help).

I’m not going to say that people in your personal newsfeed don’t want to see your dirty laundry. Because there are people out there that FEED off of that stuff. They literally search for that stuff to thrive. Especially if they know you or don’t like you. Seeing that stuff makes them feel like they’re better than you and it’s possible that they will put you down for it. It makes them feel good and satisfied.

You don’t want that kind of negativity in your life, so don’t air out your dirty laundry and give people the satisfaction of having something to talk about. Also, your personal life isn’t anyone’s business but yours. Social media is a place for EVERYONE, so if you want everyone in your personal business… and I mean everyone (not just those on your friends list), then by all means, post away. But if you’d want to keep some kind of class, keep it to yourself or find a particular group to post in that is a closed facebook group.

Social media is a way to express yourself, but if you do it in a way that’s healthy, you’ll get more out of it.

2. Be social!

You may be thinking, well DUH! That’s why it’s called SOCIAL media. Exactly!

There are people out there that just don’t get that. Being social means communicating with other people. When someone comments on your status, comment back or at least acknowledge that you’ve read the comment by liking the comment. When you see something that someone else posts and you genuinely like it, click the like button (or whichever mood fits). Don’t be afraid to chime in on someone else’s success with a “congratulations” or tell someone “happy birthday” when it’s their birthday.

Don’t just sit back and read what other people have to post, post something yourself! Share if you find something that you like. Maybe someone else will like it too, maybe they won’t. Either way, you’re being social by utilizing social media for what it’s there for.

3. Don’t get caught up in how many likes or responses you get.

Being popular is something that we’ve all wished for at some point in our lives. Or maybe a better way to put that is, “Being accepted is something that we’ve all wished for at some point in our lives.”

It’s scary when we express ourselves and put ourselves out there for others to see. Then when we wait for responses and they don’t come, it makes us change up who we are or what we post. It makes us insecure about what we have to offer people.

Waiting on other people to pick up what you’ve put down on the table isn’t a bad thing. But if you depend on other people for your success or for your happiness, then it could be a bad thing. Yes, it’s encouraging when people pick it up, but it could also lead to ultimate destruction when you get caught up in always pleasing others.

What does social media have to do with any of that? Well, when you’re expressing yourself or advertising your business over social media, your usual goal is to get others to respond. And when they don’t, you change your strategy or just stop posting what you generally like to post about altogether. You stop expressing yourself or your business and start expressing what you think other people would like. Don’t do that!

Your profile is exactly that, your profile.

I enjoy seeing other people respond to my posts and offers. So I get caught up in this one big time. I’ve had to learn to not worry about what they want to see and it turns out, I’ve found groups of people through social media that have picked up what I’ve put down. Some of those people aren’t even on my friends list (yet) and I’ve managed to gain their acceptance.

It’s not wrong to want acceptance, but it is wrong to depend on that acceptance for happiness. In any situation, not just social media.

Through these tips, I hope that you’ve gained some kind of insight on how to use your social media the RIGHT way.

Do you have some tips for social media etiquette?

As always, thank you for reading a piece of my heart. May God Bless you and all that you endeavor!

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  1. Sarah Surette | 21st Feb 17

    My thoughts exactly! Very well put.

    • Virtuous Mama | 22nd Feb 17

      Thank you, Sarah! 🙂

  2. Karen | 22nd Feb 17

    Love it

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