Perfect Imperfections by Taryn Leigh {Book Review}

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Perfect Imperfections Book Review

Perfect Imperfections Book Review


Perfect Imperfections by Taryn Leigh

is a book that I will never forget. Like I’ve stated many times before, I’m not that into reading romance. Especially real world romance.

I’ve probably also stated that I’m not a big fan of realistic fiction books.

This book is for sure an exception to those!

I enjoyed the upbeat conversation that I had with Taryn as we discussed me getting a copy of her book. I was super excited and she was super excited. When I received it in the mail, I was even more excited. I began reading right away.

I came across one of my favorite quotes from the book within the first few pages. Let’s start with that:

But I’ve realised that sometimes things can be a little different, almost vastly different, yet make perfect sense when they are brought together. Sometimes differences are what make things symmetrical.”
(Katy, page 17)


Perfect Imperfections begins with the main character, Sarah, waking up to a new life that she wanted to begin building for herself. Sarah moved back to a place where she had once left. She didn’t realize how much of an impact this place had on her spirits until she moved back and discovered it. Things in Sarah’s life became unbearable where she was at before, so a change of scenery to a place where she once found happiness was her idea of rebuilding a new life for herself.

Little did she know, her past wasn’t going to just disappear without her facing it. She just kept running from her past and changing her focus to other things that she was passionate about. She was a designer and well known throughout the world for her designs, so she focused on that and her success.

All the while, she concealed her heart from those that were trying to get closer to her. She was pushing them away and not letting them in. Then a few events happened that changed Sarah’s perception on those that care about her the most. She began to realize how much they really do care about her and how much she was concealing from them and destroying herself, when all she wanted to do was start new and move forward.

One person in particular helped her more than she could’ve ever imagined, without her even realizing what was actually happening. She was being healed to a certain extent and that certain somebody was the reason. There was still something holding her back though. That certain somebody could see it, yet they didn’t pull back from her. She was a princess and she deserved someone that would stand by her through it all.

A family event takes place that puts Sarah in the situation of needing to go back to where the things that hurt her the most took place. She saw what she had to do and what she was running away from: Facing her past. Does she go back to face her past? Or does she just push forward without facing it and hopes for the best? Does she open up to let others that care about her in? Or does she keep her heart concealed? Read it and find out!

This book is mysterious, unpredictable, uplifting, romantic, and full of surprises. Perfect Imperfections by Taryn Leigh is about a journey of a woman who discovers herself as someone who will never meet the expectations of perfection, but instead, she is someone who needs to love her imperfections perfectly.

I would love to read it over and over. I enjoyed every character I was introduced to and was able to really connect with them through how the story was told. I connected most with the main character Sarah, because she and I have much in common. Especially with our mindset and how we would handle situations.

I liked how things that happened throughout the whole book were tied together at the end. It made for an excellent ending for a very heartfelt story.

Though Perfect Imperfections isn’t categorized as Christian Fiction, there wasn’t any bad language, sex scenes, innuendo, religion or occult references. This is for sure adult fiction, due to the adult situations. I would recommend this book to anyone up for a lovely romance, self finding adventure that will make your heart say thank you!

There isn’t anything that I would change about this book. I really hope that there might be a second one or maybe a prequel! That would be really interesting and I would for sure buy it!

My Rating on this book: 5 out of 5 stars!



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About the Author: Taryn Leigh


Taryn Leigh is a South African born citizen, who spent her childhood with her nose buried in books. Her love for reading transpired into her ambition to become a writer. She first tried her hand at blogging, which eventually led to her writing her first novel. She lives in Pretoria, with her husband, son and two cocker spaniels.

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My most favorite quote from this book:

“She was grateful she chose love over hate, because she could clearly see how each path led to such vastly different places.”


Thank you for reading a piece of my heart!
May God Bless You and all that you endeavor!

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