The Power Rangers {Movie Review}


The Power Rangers - Movie Review

I was super excited when my husband asked me to go on a date with him this past weekend! He felt that I was getting overwhelmed with being at home all day every day for the past few weeks and he immediately tried to find a solution. After talking with his dad and stepmom about keeping our boys, he made sure to let me know that I was getting out of the house for the evening!

We didn’t have any particular plans. Just that we were going to go eat, watch a movie, and do some store browsing. We didn’t even know what was playing at the theaters!

When we checked out our options for what was playing, we made the decision to pick between watching Logan or The Power Rangers.

Since Logan was the most adult choice, of course we chose to go watch the Power Rangers! Click To Tweet

Another reason why we chose The Power Rangers is because we knew that someday down the line our boys would want to watch it and we needed to know if it was something that we would be okay with them watching.

The memories of watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with my brother started flooding in as I could recall how much we used to watch it together. That was his favorite movie and I didn’t realize how much I liked it until I started getting excited about seeing the newest movie.

My husband and I got our Twizzlers, Reese’s cups, and drinks and made our way to find our seats…

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What exactly is this Power Ranger movie about?

The Power Rangers movie stars off with showing us who Zordon is and how he got to be in the situation of being stuck behind a screen. This intrigued me so much, because I always wondered who exactly he was, what he was doing behind a screen, and why he had such great powers. Apparently, Zordon was a Power Ranger himself; a red one to be exact. All of Zordon’s team was killed by the green ranger of their group, Rita, when she decided that she wanted to take all of the power for herself and “rule the galaxy”.

After each ranger of his team passed, Zordon got the individual coins from them (the ones that matched the colors of their ranger suits) and buried them. After that, he ordered Alpha(the awesome assistant robot that controlled their ship) to send an asteroid to his co ordinance so Rita would be destroyed. Even though that meant he would be destroyed as well.

Fast forward many many years later to Angel Grove where the main character, Jason, is a teenager in highschool. He is a sports star, but starts acting up by stealing another team’s mascot (which happens to be a COW) and gets set on house arrest with an ankle bracelet along with detention every day after school. While in detention, he is introduced to a guy named Billy who seems to be a misfit. He also meets a girl named Kimberly, who punched her ex boyfriend in the mouth and knocked his tooth out. A bully starts picking on Billy and Jason stands up for Billy, even though he doesn’t know him. Kimberly notices and becomes interested in Jason. Billy takes it to heart and immediately after they leave detention, asks Jason to hang out with him. Jason declines, mentioning that he had to be home at a certain time or his ankle bracelet would set off and alert. Billy then explains that he knows how to get the ankle bracelet off of him and he wouldn’t have to worry about that. Plus, he would let Jason use his van for a few hours, if Jason would help him with something.

Jason still declines and goes home. When he gets there, he can still feel the tension between him and his dad. After resting in his room, he begins to hear his mom and dad fight about how much of a disappointment Jason is. So he does something very predictable and sneaks out of his window to go to Billy’s house.

What Jason doesn’t know is, hanging out with Billy will not only bring new discoveries, it will bring new friends, new obstacles, and it will challenge Jason more than he has ever been challenged in his life.

No surprise when Jason, Billy, and their newfound friends discover the different colored coins and then later on discover Alpha in the ship. Zordon is there too, but he is just behind a screen and can’t escape unless the newly found power rangers use their powers to morph. This produces a problem, because not only is Zordon disappointed when he finds out that the new rangers are teenagers; he’s also disappointed when he learns that they can’t morph.

Even though the rangers can’t morph, Zordon demands for them to start training anyways. The teenagers haven’t accepted yet that they are power rangers, so it’s hard for them to dedicate themselves to this newfound life at first. After mysterious events start occuring, learning more about each other, and after realizing what powers they have, the teenagers begin their training.

It seems like it takes them forever to learn how to morph, but they had to learn to believe in themselves first.

Meanwhile, Rita, the green ranger that tried to control everything before is discovered and set loose among the pedestrians. She collects gold so she can build her monster, Goldar. She wants Goldar so he can dig up the Zeo Crystal for her and she can control Angel Grove and unleash a domino effect that results in her ruling Earth.

Zordon’s goal is to train the rangers, have them morph so he can be released from the screen, and find the Zeo Crystal before Rita does.

After the rangers learn how to morph, Zordon is able to come back, but he chooses to send back someone else instead. That choice helps motivate the rangers even more to defeat Rita.

You should watch the movie to find out what happens next! But I’m sure you already know. I mean, the earth is still here right?

My take on The Power Ranger Movie:

I enjoyed watching this movie with my best friend! Not only was it a GREAT nostalgic film, but it hit every angle with what you would expect from a modern Power Ranger movie. It was corny in some areas, but not TOO corny like the older films. It brought a better perspective on The Power Rangers and explained the full story very well. If you’ve never watched Power Rangers a day in your life, you would have a good understanding of what it’s all about just by watching this film.

I enjoyed the music, the fighting, and the actors. They were good, not the best, but they were good. I loved that they got Elizabeth Banks to play Rita! She is the BOMB .COM! Also, they added a scene with the original Tommy and Kimberly actors being shown. I was so excited about that part, you can ask my husband, I squealed and pointed.

This movie was funny and had great humor in it. I probably laughed too hard at the character Billy’s facial expressions. It also had good sad parts in it that had me teared up. There was also those parts that made me want to jump up and say, “YES! That’s what I’m talking about!” Then those other parts where I wanted to cover my eyes and not watch (I’m sensitive to Rita’s paranormal activity stuff). There was even a part where I wanted take my shoe off and throw it at the screen.
So I guess you can say that every emotion was felt in this movie. Click To Tweet

My husband and I even sat a little afterwards to listen to the “I’ve Got the Power” song and watch the very end sneak peek of what we should expect to see in the next movie. Let’s just say that I don’t think we will be disappointed!

There was some crude humor and bad language in this movie. A girl did strip down to her underwear to jump into a creek, so there’s that. My husband and I decided that our boys won’t be able to watch this movie until they are much older. They are four and 2 now, so probably about 10 years from now. That sounds drastic and you may think we’re overdramatic, but with a child that likes to copy everything they see on tv, along with the bad words, I don’t think this would be suited for their age right now.

My rating for this movie – ★ ★ ★ ★ 4 out of 5 stars!

I rated it this, because it was very predictable. Even though I already know the story line and the whole shebang, it would’ve been nice to be surprised at least once with something. The scenes at the beginning during the car chases had me dizzy and there were also some boring parts in it that had me wondering if we made the right decision to go watch it in theaters or if we should’ve waited to watch it on paperview or buy the DVD later on and watch it. Overall, good movie!

Check out the movie trailer here:

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The Power Rangers - Movie Review

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