Pure Haven Essentials with Virtuous Mama

Pure Haven Essentials with Virtuous Mama

I am loving trying new self care products! I was instantly drawn to these products that I’m about to share, because of how natural sounding and affordable they are. If you didn’t see it, I asked people on my Facebook to post what kind of products they have that are all natural and good for my skin.

My very own Pure Haven Essentials consultant, Lisa, messaged me and asked about my needs as far as skin care went. She  not only shared her product with me, but she asked about what I did and we had a great enjoyable conversation.

Lisa Joy introduced me to

Pure Haven Essentials

Let’s look at how our conversation went:

After the introduction, I went on to gain  more information about the products and I asked the big question:

“What is your favorite product?”

Her reply was,

“That’s SUCH a tough question because I honestly love so many of them! I love the skincare for myself, I love the detangler for my girls and the dream cream is a great product for any dry skin issue. When it comes to make up, I most often use the cheeky color stick in rouge, the mascara, and the tinted lip balm.”

This intrigued me very much, because you never want to buy a product from someone that doesn’t use the products themselves.

My next question was:

“Do they give to any charities or nonprofit organizations?”

Lisa’s response was,

“Yes! Our sales this fall contributed to raising money for us to donate kids care kits (travel set of safe products) for kids in hospitals around the country. With my team I got to deliver 150-200 kits to our local Children’s Hospital here in Grand Rapids, MI which was really cool. And I personally am donating my sales commission this month to a local foundation my friend started to help disadvantaged women in our community through mentoring and income opportunities.

I always love the opportunity to do good on more than one level.”
And for the month of April Pure Haven Essentials is donating proceeds from our kids line to Prevent Child Abuse America!!
I love when direct sales companies give back! That’s why I always ask this question or do my own research before purchasing. It helps me move in the right direction with my money and it makes me feel better about supporting them by using their products!

Host a Pure Haven Essentials party?

We went on to discuss details for hosting an online party and they have an awesome reward system for hosting a party! Check it out:
“$200 in sales gets you an unlimited 30% discount and $25 in free product!”
That’s just the beginning! It only goes up from there. Of course, I couldn’t say no to that. I hesitated, because I know how tired my facebook audience is from me hosting parties and advertising all the time. I didn’t want to wear them out anymore. Plus, I have been super busy lately with other things. I didn’t feel like I had the time to host one. So I decided to incorporate one into my blog! There is a special link that I will share, after I share with you the products that I tried out!

First Product: Tinted Moisturizer

Pure Haven Essentials with Virtuous Mama
Before Application

Pure Haven Essentials with Virtuous Mama
Tinted Moisturizer

Pure Haven Essentials with Virtuous Mama
Use a pea size amount!

Pure Haven Essentials with Virtuous Mama
After Application (without anything else other than the tinted moisturizer)

I purchased this full size product from Lisa, because I have been looking for a facial moisturizer that would help make my skin smoother, without having to layer on different products. I felt like a tinted moisturizer could help with not only moisturizing, but also more coverage. It is also made of all natural ingredients and not any of that gunky stuff that you’d normally get for this price.
Find the ingredient list and more details here!

My take on this product:

I LOVE it! I use it every day, even when I’m not going out. It helps me feel better about how I look while at home without wearing actual makeup. This product brings excellent coverage, especially for a moisturizer. It doesn’t give me a headache at all. The smell is good too. The texture is a little thick, but once you apply it, you won’t feel it. I would highly recommend this to those that have sensitive skin and are looking for a moisturizer to add coverage.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 out of 5 stars!

Next Products: Beard Balm and Shaving Gel

Pure Haven Essentials with Virtuous Mama
Before Shave and Beard Balm

Pure Haven Essentials with Virtuous Mama
Beard Balm Size in my Husband’s hand.

Pure Have Essentials with Virtuous Mama
Using shaving cream to shave off mustache and already grown beard.

After clean shaving and using the beard balm for almost a month.

Picture Coming Soon

We purchased a full sized product of Beard Balm for my husband. He has been trying to improve his facial hair and skin, so when I found this product while shopping, I was excited to share it with him. I shared it with him, joking about him needing it because I didn’t think that he would actually be interested in getting it for himself. Actually, he became super interested and asked about the price. After I told him the price, natural ingredients, and some results (from other men that have used it) that Lisa shared with me, he was all in.

Lisa sent us a sample of the shaving cream. Just enough for one use and I thought it would be best for his face. So, of course, I let him have it. I was hesitant, because I wanted to use it! I wanted to use all of the products for myself (even the beard balm ;))!

His take on the products:

He loves the beard balm! He wears it every day and it has actually improved his skin over the month that he has been using it. He hasn’t seen more fullness in his beard on the sides of his face yet, but he can’t keep it on his face long enough to let it grow out to see the growth. He’s worried about it growing in patches and looking bad. With the balm, it has grown without inflammation and after he applies the balm after he shaves, it leaves his skin so moisturized and smooth.

His rating on the beard balm: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 out of 5 stars!

Check out more details on this product here!

He’s used to and loves a good lathering foam and was bummed when he didn’t get that with this one. Though, it does say on the site that this is a non- foaming gel, he wished it foamed. He assumed that it was because of the all natural ingredients, so it didn’t bother him. The smell wasn’t bad and the way his skin felt afterwards was good. He said that if he used it more than once, he would probably be able to get used to a little less foaming and be fine with it.

His rating for the shaving gel: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 out of 5 stars!

Check out more details on this product here!

Last Product: Boo Boo Stick

Pure Haven Essentials with Virtuous Mama
Sample of Boo Boo Stick

Pure Haven Essentials with Virtuous Mama
Boo Boo Stick applied to Carpet Burn

When I first read about this sample that Lisa sent, I laughed. It fits so well with my boys, because they’re all the time getting BooBoo’s and Mama’s kisses magically make them feel better.

Now I can actually make them feel better by applying this all natural ingredient to their cuts and scrapes. My oldest (almost four years old) decided he wanted to be like Spot from the movie The Good Dinosaur. So he started dragging his forehead along the carpet all the way down our hallway and back. That’s when he was introduced to the monster: Carpet Burn.

My first reaction was to go grab the Neosporin. Then I remembered that we were sent a sample of this awesome product that I had yet tried out. So I applied it instead. It had a good smell, wasn’t creamy, and applied like chapstick. I like that so much better than the creamy application of Neosporin. It moisturized the carpet burn, didn’t burn him even further, and it kept him from noticing it for the rest of the day. With Neosporin, it would dry out a booboo and leave him wanting to pick at it more. Especially overnight when we didn’t have our eyes on him.

My take on this product:

LOVE it! Will more than likely have to buy the full product to keep around the house.
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 out of 5 stars!

I was so impressed by all of these products! I also tried out the

Shampoo and Conditioner – Left my hair feeling great and no itchy scalp! Love it!
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 out of 5 stars!

Lip Balm – My lips didn’t peel and the smoothness would last all day! My favorite product that I tried! I was sad when my boys got ahold of it last week and ate it…
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 out of 5 stars!

Dream Cream – My boys have dry skin on their upper arms (found this out during season change) and this cream helped soothe itchiness.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 out of 5 stars!

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If you’d like to purchase a bundle of products to try out to see if you like them, Lisa recommends checking out this deal:

Pure Haven Essentials with Virtuous Mama

Here are the specials for the rest of March: Click here!





April’s Specials:

Pure Haven Essentials with Virtuous Mama

You can use any of the above product links to shop! Here’s another one right HERE!

Just remember at check out, it will ask for a party ID number.
My party ID number is 182585 

Thank you for reading another piece of my heart today! May God Bless you and all that you endeavor!!

Pure Haven Essentials with Virtuous Mama



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