#WednesdayWisdom: What should YOU be blogging about?


What should you be blogging about?

Have you thought about starting a blog? If you missed last week’s wisdom post, check it out to find out When and How to Start a Blog. This week, we’re talking about WHAT you should blog about.

There are so many different blogs out there, because there are so many different people out there. I’m sure there is a blog for just about everything you can think of! From personal lifestyle all the way to politics and the most recent news.

So if there is already so many different things being blogged about, then what should YOU blog about?

7 things to think about when deciding on what to blog about:

  1. Passion.

    What are you passionate about? Do you have a love for writing, reading, cooking, photography, fashion, makeup, helping others, your business? What is it that you do that you LOVE? It is proven that if you do something that you love, then you will be happier. So why not BLOG about what you love? Wouldn’t that make you happy too? For example: I love blogging! So what am I blogging about?

    Showing others what you’re passionate about might inspire others to be passionate about it too. Or it could help them share their passions as well.

  2. What do you love reading about?

    Chances are, you’ve read some great blogs already! What do you love to read about? What kind of blogs do you enjoy reading? It’s okay to write about the same things or things that are similar. In fact, if you’ve read so much of it, you’re probably already in the same mindset to write about it!

    Plus, it’s okay to be inspired by another blog post and use the same structure of that post. Of course, you should never take credit for someone’s hard work. So make sure if you decide to add something word for word, that you add quotations and give credit to the blogger that you got it from. Rewording what they say and adding your own personality to it is better for you anyway.

  3. Teach.

    Do you know how to do something that someone else might not know how to do? Even if there are many other people that know how to do it, there might be that ONE person that would love to do it, but doesn’t know how because no one ever took the time to teach him or her. So why not be that teacher for that person? Nowadays, no one asks other people to show them how to do something. They always make the internet or Google their first resort. If you were to blog about how to do something, then chances are, people would read it to learn.

    Don’t know what you can teach someone? What is something that you’ve learned the hard way? What is something that you had absolutely NO CLUE about, but got through it anyway? Blog about THAT! And teach!


  4. Solve problems.

    Have you seen people on your social media getting so frustrated over a certain problem? Do you know how to solve that problem, but don’t want to confront them individually? Or maybe you don’t know them that well and don’t think that they would take what you have to say seriously, so you’d rather save yourself the time and not worry about it. BLOG about the solution! Give your advice to them, without them knowing that it was created just for them. Then share that content in that same social media feed that you saw the problem expressed and since they posted about it, social media has a way of recording what you post about and showing you similar things in your feeds that your connections are posting about. Your post, with the right wording, could show up in that other person’s feed.

  5. What’s missing?

    Reading other blogs can be intimidating, but have you ever read a blog post and thought, “Yeah, but you’re missing so and so,”? Build a post about what they’re missing and possibly share it with the blogger. Chances are, they didn’t know that they missed it and they will add a link to your post on the post that was missing info. Or they will allow you to comment the link on the post. Most bloggers know that they don’t know it all and appreciate the read and support anyway.


  6. Do you have an opinion?

    Do you have something to say about a movie that you watched last Friday? Maybe there was a book that you’ve read and loved. Did you get bad service at a restaurant you went to for date night Saturday? Maybe there was a recipe that you tried that tasted AWFUL! Let other people know in a blog post! Giving reviews in a blog post helps other people become aware of what they’re doing, trying, seeing, or reading. People love being aware. Also, if they’ve experienced the same thing and have the same opinion as you, then they will be more than willing to share your post.

  7. What’s your story?

    Do you have a unique life story? Is there something going on in your life that you’d love to share with other people? Maybe you’ve experienced something that no one else has and you want to bring more awareness to it. Blog about it. People love personal stuff and if someone has been through the same thing or had no idea what you’re going through, posting a blog about it might help them open up. Blogging about it can be therapeutic for you, but it could also be therapeutic to read it as well. Don’t hold your story back; someone else might be waiting to read it.


So what are you going to blog about?

Blogging has its benefits and there is so much that you can blog about. Don’t let the fear of not having anything to blog about keep getting in the way of you blogging. Plus, if you start blogging about one thing and it turns out that you don’t want to blog about it anymore, you can change it. You aren’t limited to blogging about just one thing.

Let me know in the comments about what it is that YOU love blogging about.

Any tips to add?

Do you have any blogging topic tips for others? Let us know in the comments OR make a blog post about it!!! And post the link below!!


Thank y’all!





  1. realmofvibes | 27th Jan 17

    Passion always gets me going…hehehe 🙂

    • Virtuous Mama | 27th Jan 17

      Yes! Same here! 🙂
      What are you most passionate about, Danielle?

      • realmofvibes | 27th Jan 17

        Dog rescue, saving the environment, and helping others. What about you?

        • Virtuous Mama | 27th Jan 17

          Hey! We have one in common! Helping others. 🙂
          I love that you enjoy rescuing dogs. If I had the place for it, I would probably do it as well. We see so many strays around our neighborhood. I have two furbabies and they are a hand full, but they love other dogs! 🙂
          I try contributing to recycling and helping the environment, but it’s always been hard for me to put extra effort into it. I’m not sure why. I love trees and dendrology! I should be like a total tree hugger! LOL

          I am most passionate about connecting and encouraging other people. I love communicating and helping other people out. Especially when they need help with something that I’ve been through or need help with something that I have experience with.

          • realmofvibes | 27th Jan 17

            I hear you; I have a dog and two cats. My house is a complete zoo but I love helping a scared, skittish dog become adoptable and amazing. I compost, plant my own garden, recycle, and try to buy from sustainable companies. I hate waste. By reading your blog and communicating with you, you definitely are passionate with people. I read your entries and I feel like I have known you forever. Keep doin’ you, Mama.

          • Virtuous Mama | 28th Jan 17

            That is SO sweet of you to say. I feel the same with you. We should definitely collaborate soon!! I’ll keep in touch. <3

  2. Ashutosh Gursale | 28th Jan 17

    Wish I found this a month ago, when I started blogging!
    I’ve learnt these, nevertheless, it’s still helpful to me and relatable, too! Thanks for the wisdom, Virtuous Mama. 🙂

    • Virtuous Mama | 28th Jan 17

      You’ve only been blogging a month? Your posts are so awesome!
      And thank you kindly, Honest Fabler, for checking out my post.

      • Ashutosh Gursale | 28th Jan 17

        More than a month, actually. 8 weeks now. You’re most welcome! 🙂

  3. Caroline Carnivorous | 2nd Feb 17

    I recently started a goth lifestyle blog! I pretty much fulfill all of these xD

    • Virtuous Mama | 2nd Feb 17

      That’s awesome!! I’ll definitely check it out. 🙂

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