#WednesdayWisdom: When and How to Start a Blog


Many people are so intimidated of blogging. They always think that they have to be a good writer, know a lot about computers, and always have something to write about. When you know nothing about blogging, this can become overwhelming and scare you away from the blogging world.

I haven’t been a blogger my whole life, but I have been someone that has kept a journal or an update of my life in some shape or form. When I discovered that I could publish what I write online and have others read it and get feedback, I instantly shied away. I was intrigued, but I didn’t think other people would pick up what I was putting down.

So I reached out to my friends on social media and asked them if I was to start a blog, what would they like to read from me. What exactly could I write for them that they would read? I got way more answers than I could imagine ever getting. I reached out and they reached back.

So I started a blog. I look back now and palm my forehead with how crazy it was. I wish I would’ve found the answers to these two big questions before I started blogging. Just to add to my confidence. I hope they help you as well.

You may ask:

“When do I start a blog?”

If you think about starting a blog, dream about starting a blog, and feel the NEED to start a blog. Then by all means… start a blog! If you feel strongly that starting a blog will help with what you’re trying to do with your life, then start a blog. If you have something that you want to share and it’s too good for a Facebook post or too long for a twitter post, start a blog.

Enjoying or being good at writing doesn’t have to be apart of that. You can blog with just pictures, videos, voice clips, or reblog what other people are blogging. You can blog about your business with business pitches, your books that you may have written or are writing, your experiences and life story, your opinions on that movie that you watched last Friday night, or book that you read last month…or just about anything that you can think of.

There is nothing to lose when starting a blog. A blog is nothing more than just a way to inform people with what you’re digging (or not digging) while living your life. Some people will like it and draw closer to you and some people will not like it and they have the choice to just not read it. I know that you may be worried about the latter of the two, but don’t. They can and will get over it.

If you’re a people pleaser like me, then making sure everyone is happy can become a problem. Write for yourself first, gain your “through thick or thin” audience, gain more experience with what you’re doing, THEN you can try to write to please others.

So the answer to the question is: Start a blog as soon as you can. That way your experience builds sooner rather than later and more followers and readers will accumulate over that time wanting to watch you grow. Some will stay away until you grow. Let them. 

Anyway, next question:

“How do I start a blog?”

Step one: Find a blogging platform that fits your needs.
There are so many different blog platforms out there, you may be overwhelmed by making the decision of which one to use. If you’re just starting out and not wanting to do much of the site building yourself, I highly recommend WordPress.com (the one that I use) or Blogger/Blogspot. These, to me, are the most popular free blogging platforms out there.

There isn’t much of a difference between the two. Except if you already have an email account with Google (gmail), then you more than likely already have a Blogger account just sitting there waiting for you to use it. You can use your google account to manage it. It makes it more convenient, if you’d like to keep things all in one place. You can log in to your email then click on over to your blog all in one place.

I started out with Blogger, then changed over to WordPress. I didn’t take the time to learn much about Blogger, so I thought I was missing out on a better blogging platform. So I switched to WordPress. Plus, I like keeping it separate from my email, because it helps me stay more organized. Though, there is no big difference between what WordPress.com offers and what Blogger offers.

Be sure to do as much research as you can when it comes to choosing which platform to use! I prefer WordPress.com, but that is just my personal opinion. I have friends and clients that use Blogger and they love it!

(Note: There is also a software that you can download at WordPress.org that allows you to start from scratch and build a website that can platform your blog. I just recently found out about this one and may look more into it in the future. WordPress.org recommends having a separate “blog host” to help setup everything. But those can get pricy. Though, it may be worth it since you’re able to have more control over your blogging platform and can customize way more to fit your personal touches.)

Here is a really good resource to learn more about both blogging platforms (WordPress.com and Blogger) and how to get started: Click Here.

Step two: Choose a name for your blog.

This step can get tricky, because you want to pick a name that fits what you’ll be sharing but you’ll also need to find one that hasn’t already been taken by someone else. There are so many websites out there, it’s inevitable that you’ll have to be creative with your blog name.

Sometimes it’s best to just use the creativity and originality of your name. For example, “What’s Happening with Kayla” or “What’s Going on with Kayla” or “Kayla’s Happenings” or “Kayla’s Digs” or “Kayla’s Business” or “The Business of Kayla”. Just having YOUR name in there makes it original and unique. So if this step is what’s holding you back, don’t let it. Use your name and be just as original.

You can also use what your main focus is with your blog. If you’re blogging about a hobby, then use the name of that hobby in the name of your blog. Are you blogging about your business? Then use the name of your business in the name of your blog. BUT if you’re going to be blogging about everything under the sun, don’t use these. Because people will get thrown off and your SEO (Search Engine Operation, the thing that helps you get more website traffic through Google) can get confused and not have your blog ranked up. If your blog is called, “Baking Pies with Fran” and you start blogging about your cat being neutered… that can confuse your focal audience and it can make people turn away that are looking for what you usually blog about (baking pies).

Step three: Start writing, posting, and sharing.
This step is important, because without this one, you’ll have nothing. If you don’t write, post pictures, or share things within your blog consistently, you’ll have nothing. You need to share content through your blog at least once a week or it will not flourish. Some people say to post once a day.  There are also people that sit and within a few hours, schedule posts for the next thirty days.

I personally, don’t do either one of those. I feel like if I post once a day, my content won’t be as meaty. My content will be watered down and people wouldn’t enjoy it. And it would get repetitive. So I like to schedule posts the day before I want it posted.

Also, if you post every day, posts could get lost and buried under all of your other posts. I’m starting to post twice a week. This week, I’ll post three times. It all depends on what mood I’m in. I guess my success of my blog depends on what mood I’m in too, huh? We’ll see. Personally, posting once a day is tiring and stressful. Though, if I was to make it a habit, I’m sure it is possible.

If you can’t find something to share, research and see what everyone else is sharing or find something that no one else is sharing about and then add your own flare to it. There is always, always, always, something to share (just try to keep it in your niche).

Bonus Question: “What should my first post be about?”
Try introducing yourself to your readers, even if most of them already know you. Let them know your intentions for the blog and what you’re wanting to achieve by having it. This will kick off responses and ideas that will get the ball rolling.

Don’t be afraid, intimidated, or hesitant to start a blog. You CAN do it. If you need any guidance or help to start a blog, contact me today, because I’d LOVE to help! 

Thank y’all so much for checking out this first #WisdomWednesday post! Stay tuned for next week’s wisdom!




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