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I was doing my normal every day networking and connecting with entrepreneurs, when I came across something so beautiful. I looked over the page and saw this picture below. It touched my heart.

Then I continued to read the story behind the picture and it brought me to tears. I’m going to warn you, this is a trigger post. There’s no way around tears for this one. But please, read this story from a mother’s heart.

This is the story of baby Wyatt from mother Kayla Johnson. If you don’t know this already, my firstborn’s name is Wyatt… and my name is Kayla. This definitely put chills down my spine and I feel like God was telling me clearly to share this story and give this organization more exposure. So I listened. And this is their story:

This is my Breceived_1218254278206987aby Wyatt. He was born on June 2, 2016 and passed after 2hours and 10mins.

I never got to see his eyes open and he didn’t have the strength to move, but when they took him from me and laid him on the warming bed to clean him up he let out a super small, really quick cry.

It was shorter than a second but I heard it and it still means the world to me.

When I was 20weeks pregnant I was sent to a specialist, because my lab work came back abnormal.

I was told on the phone there was a chance my baby had down syndrome, but more than likely the blood work wasn’t accurate. I was told not to freak out because false results happen all the time.

Well my husband and I agreed that no matter what we were going to keep our son and care for our son the best way we could.

Well when I went to the doctor I had an ultrasound done and I felt completely confident everything was fine. The doctor walked in and after a few minutes looked at me and said, “I’m sorry your baby is sick and isn’t going to survive.”

He was diagnosed with bilateral MCDK (multicystic dysplastic kidneys) and my amniotic fluid was almost unmeasurable. His diagnosis was 100% fatal. His kidneys were covered in cyst which made it impossible for them to function. Kidneys play a major role in the way the baby forms. Babies keep the amniotic fluid level up. They drink the fluid and it goes through their body through the digestive system and then they pee it out and the process continues. All the organs are formed properly through this process.

But in Baby Wyatt’s case, the process couldn’t be done, because his kidneys didn’t function. So my son took in all the fluid but it never made it through the kidneys.

When I was 30 weeks I went into labor on my own. By the time I made it to the hospital I was 8cm dilated. Because I didn’t have fluid the pain was a lot different and I didn’t think it was true labor pain.

After about 5 hours of labor, I delivered my son. He was breech, but I was able to deliver him with no complications. He came out weighing 3lbs 9oz.


We had nothing for him to wear when he was born. I had to spend over 12 hours the day after I gave birth trying to find something to put him in. I went to so many baby stores but no one had anything. I ended up buying an American girl doll gown and adding blue to it for him.

In memory of Wyatt we started an organization to make gowns and wraps for babies whose families find themselves in the position we were in. It helps a lot knowing we are helping families but it hurts every time a gown or wrap is needed.I truly hate that so many people know this pain. But our babies will never be forgotten!



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  1. Ginny Williams | 16th Jan 17

    Thiss a wonderful charity! I’m holding a fundraiser for them on Feb. 1 – 14. I hope you’ll join us .

  2. Kayla Johnson | 16th Jan 17

    Thank you so much Kayla for sharing our story! It means so much to me!!

  3. Deborah | 16th Jan 17

    This orginization is amazing. After having met kayla as a customer at my job and being connected through a really close friend that runs kings baskets of hope. I ended getting the first donated gown. It was donated to my daughter with the loss of my grandaughter Addy. She was stillborn on aug
    31 2016 and having this gown for her pictures and her memory box meant more than anyone could imagine. Kayla and her family using their loss to help others with theirs

  4. Ashutosh Gursale | 28th Jan 17

    Should had considered your warning. It did bring me to tears. It’s a very kind act, really appreciate it.

  5. Heather Roberts | 6th Feb 17


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